Living with Ease - 6 week programme

This programme involves six consecutive ninety minute sessions. As you progress through the course, which is very much based on your experiences, you will begin to identify your influential habits and thought patterns, as well as improving your ability to manage your attention.

I will introduce you to a variety of mindfulness practices that will allow you to respond differently to your life's experiences. By cultivating these practices, you can gradually learn to make lasting changes which will help you to live with greater optimism, clarity and enhanced understanding of what serves you well and allows you to make the most of the one life you have.

After each week's session I will email you course materials offering further relevant information, outlining home practices (around 30 minutes daily) and providing you with access to online recordings of the practices we are exploring. You will be working as part of a group but you will never be pressured to share anything you are not willing to disclose to others. The pace of progress varies from person to person, but is always influenced by your level of commitment to the programme.

​This course may be undertaken online, or in my Ramsey studio. To participate online, you will need a computer or tablet and stable internet connection. 

'Living with Ease' can be delivered one-to-one, though I strongly recommend participation in one of the group programmes where possible. I can also customise trainings to meet the needs of organisations, or deliver other mindfulness-based programmes such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or .B foundations 8-week courses if these better meet the needs of your group.

The learning is rich and cumulative, so it is very important that you expect to be able to attend all sessions when you sign up. If you find that missing a session is unavoidable, I will do my best to help you to catch up with the content but will be unable to replicate the entire session. These courses can only go ahead when a minimum number of participants have signed up. 

In order to join any mindfulness-based programme, we will need to have a preliminary conversation about what you hope to get out of the course and any health issues or other significant difficulties you may have experienced, such as any recent traumatic event. These informal chats are designed to protect your wellbeing and to safeguard the group and all such conversations are undertaken in strictest confidence. I undertake regular mindfulness teaching supervision and adhere to Good Practice Guidelines as part of my listing with the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

The cost of participating in the Living with Ease programme in a group setting is £250, (one-to-one, £600). I offer at least one heavily subsidised place on every course, to allow those who may otherwise find the fee prohibitive to take part - please enquire for details. 

Scheduled course dates are below:

*ONLINE JULY 2020: Wednesdays 19:00 - 20:30

Week 1: 1 July 

Week 2: 8 July

Week 3: 15 July

Week 4: 22 July

Week 5: 29 July

Week 6: 5 August

* Reduced rate of £150 for this course (beta testing)

ONLINE SEPTEMBER 2020: Wednesdays 19:00 - 20:30

Week 1: 9 September 

Week 2: 16 September

Week 3: 23 September

Week 4: 30 September 

Week 5: 7 October

Week 6: 14 October

STUDIO SEPTEMBER 2020: Fridays 13:30 - 15:00

(contingent on relaxation of Social Distancing rules)

Week 1: 11 September 

Week 2: 18 September

Week 3: 25 September

Week 4: 2 October 

Week 5: 9 October

Week 6: 16 October

Contact Alison at

+44 7624 460224

Poylldooey Barn, Gardeners Lane, Ramsey, Isle of Man

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