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"Ali is very welcoming and put me at ease on my first session, explaining everything clearly. I felt better afterwards and will keep attending."


Yoga for life 

This programme allows you to make a commitment to strengthening your health. Explore a variety of poses and breathing techniques as you build strength and flexibility and experience deep relaxation.

Just for men 

If you are a male who's serious about progressing your health and fitness, this programme allows you to make that commitment, potentially enhancing your performance in other sports. Come along to my welcoming sessions designed specifically for men.​

  • Blocks of six * small, friendly classes

  • Increase your familiarity with a variety of yoga poses and breathing techniques

  • Improve your flexibility, strength and mental health

  • Focus on areas of the body that commonly cause difficulty

  • Learn to listen to and respond to the needs of your own body

  • Enjoy a physical work out at the right level for you


* Blocks of classes may on occasion be longer/shorter than six weeks

These classes are suitable for all, subject to completion of a brief  

Yoga online six week block 

If you are keen to enhance your health but unable to attend my studio classes, this custom programme allows you to commit to progress from anywhere in the world.

  • rebalance body and mind

  • design a tailor-made course for your specific needs

  • progress towards agreed goals

  • work from comfort of your own home

  • arrange times to suit you

  • share your classes with friends and family

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