"Ali's courses are a journey of self-reflection and discovery. They are easy to follow and you can share as much or as little as you want. As soon as I entered her studio each week, I would feel relief and would float out ready to face the world with the toolbox Ali has helped me to put together.

Living with Ease 6 week programme

Experiences of stress, anxiety or low mood are very common and often our biggest challenges to living a more fulfilling and balanced life.


Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • feeling overwhelm

  • anxiety

  • low mood 

  • reactivity

  • trouble sleeping

  • inattentiveness

  • life being all work and no play

  • relationship difficulties

If these challenges sound familiar and you are ready to take steps to improve your own wellbeing, I can help you build a toolbox of strategies that will allow you to make lasting changes, so you can live with a much clearer understanding of what serves you best.

 My Living with Ease programme:

  • six 90 minute sessions

  • carefully-designed themes

  • explore your habits and behaviours

  • learn to notice internal states 

  • learn how neuroscience and physiology affects you

  • reinforce learning through daily home practice

  • feel happier and more at peace


  • all course materials 

  • online or in studio options

  • individual training also available

As you progress through this programme, you will experience gradual shifts in how you relate to your world.

Learn to find freedom from whatever may have been causing you difficulty and start to make the most of this one precious life, enjoying greater ease of being.

To join this mindfulness-based programme, we'll need to begin with an informal, confidential chat.

The cost of participating in my Living with Ease programme one-to-one is £600 (£250 in group setting). I offer payment plans to make this valuable training more accessible and can also create bespoke programmes to suit individuals' needs.

Other programmes 

  • 8-week evidence-based Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course

  • The Mindfulness in Schools Project's .b foundations course (for staff, parents or students)

  • One-to-one courses online 

  • Customised mindfulness-based programmes for individuals/organisations/schools

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+ 44 7624 460224


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