Terms and Conditions

My various mindfulness-based programmes always involve an initial conversation to allow you to ask questions and to help us to each be confident that this is the right programme for you. If you choose to not disclose an issue that threatens to harm your wellbeing or that of the group, I reserve the right to take appropriate action, possibly in consultation with my supervisor. This may include signposting you to health professionals should I have serious concerns about your wellbeing. Anyone who is unsure about the suitability of my courses and retreats for their mental health status should seek appropriate professional advice following our initial discussion. 

I'm committed to mindfulness research and ongoing professional development. I undertake regular mindfulness teaching supervision and adhere to Good Practice Guidelines to maintain my listing with BAMBA, the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

For yoga classes, I require new clients to complete a basic health questionnaire. You should also disclose any changes in your health status before the next class. If you are uncertain about the suitability of yoga for your situation, please check with your GP or other appropriate medical professional. 

To access my online classes, you'll need a computer, laptop or tablet (with audio and video) and stable internet connection. When you book your programme, you will receive a link allowing you to access the Zoom sessions. I will do my best to ensure that alternatives are made available in the event of any internet failure. 

Ideally, you will connect with any online programme from a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and cannot be overheard in order to maintain confidentiality for the whole group. Should these rules be breached, I reserve the right to exclude participants from future sessions. I will provide all course materials and details of any other specific requirements on a week-by-week basis. 

Payment for studio yoga blocks and retreats are made online via the website at the time of booking, using a debit or credit card. On acceptance onto a course, arranging one-to-one yoga sessions or a bespoke service, I will send you an invoice must be settled in full in advance of the course start date in order to secure your space. My preferred means of payment for these services is bank transfer but I also accept cheques.

Where cancellation is at the client's request, refunds are wholly discretionary. Where possible, I will do my best to provide alternative options, but due to the nature of my services this will often not be feasible. I will always do my utmost to give maximum notice of any unavoidable cancellations I initiate, for example due to ill health, offering alternative services or full refunds.

If I wish to record or photograph participants in any of my sessions, I will seek your consent and will not use your image or testimonial for any purposes without having received your express permission for this to happen.

Please respect IOM Government rules designed to keep us all safe from Covid-19 and do not attend your class if you, or someone you have been in contact with, is displaying symptoms of the virus. It would be helpful if you could keep your belongings such as outdoor clothing either in your car or in the storage facility provided. Hand sanitiser is available in the studio and should be used on arrival and again, prior to departure. Thank you.