8 week mindfulness courses

"This course proved invaluable over the past 8 weeks. I wasn't really sure what mindfulness was, but it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for! It has made me realise how important it is for me to find time for myself and I am finishing with a 'toolkit' of strategies and of how I can deal with lots of different situations and in turn relax and 'just be'. Thank you Ali for being so supportive and a perfect guide through this short but fabulous journey. "

K (Frantic World)

"Ali's courses are a journey of self-reflection and discovery. They are easy to follow and you can share as much or as little as you want. As soon as I entered her studio each week, I would feel relief and would float out ready to face the world with the toolbox Ali has helped me to put together."


The course has opened my eyes up to 'me'. It's ok for me to feel - whether positive or negative. What truly matters is my response to situations as they arise. I feel more at peace with me!"

A (Frantic World)

"Ali's mindfulness course is run in a positive, supportive and calm manner giving participants the confidence to share their own practices as well as enabling them to support and reassure each other. I recommend this course to anyone."

K (Frantic World)

" I have really benefited from this course - it has helped me professionally and personally in understanding my emotions and thoughts and dealing with them more gently, with compassion and understanding"


"A wonderful course that has opened my eyes to me and the present. I have seen during the 8 weeks that I am becoming calmer, slower to react and more often when I do, in a positive way. A great 8 weeks!! Thank you Ali."

T (Frantic World)

"Ali's course has given me useful tools to help with dealing with stress and stressful situations in everyday life. She is very professional, but with a friendliness that makes you feel welcome and able to share"


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my 8 weeks with Ali. Wednesday evenings became my favourite night. Ali was very thoughtful in her manner and let us all talk about our experiences in the sessions in a caring, open environment. The course has changed my mindset and outlook and I look forward to continuing my practices."

N (Frantic World)

"I attended feeling open-minded and not knowing what to expect. It was friendly and relaxing but also very informative. We now have the tools to help us cope with what life has to offer us in a meaningful way."

J (Frantic World)

"This mindfulness course not only provides 'tools', but also insight and motivation through shared goals and experiences.


"I have more of a sense of calm despite big changes in my life and feel I can take things in my stride. I'm very pleased I did the course."

J (Frantic World)

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